One of the most common questions when it comes to setting goals is, “How big should my goals be?” Ultimately, the answer depends on your view of a goal’s purpose.

The #1 reason why most people fail to achieve their goals is because they lack a plan. Here are three simple tips that will make it easier to turn your goals into an actionable plan.

What you consistently think about, tell yourself, and focus on is ultimately what gets mirrored back to you in your reality. By understanding and using this key principle to your advantage, you can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving greater levels of success in your life.

This philosophy fundamentally changed how I look at and choose to live life. Understanding it will not only point you in the direction of success, but help you unlock your full potential.

Hiring the right people is an important component of growing a healthy and successful business. Unfortunately, most small business owners are making a critical error in how they go about it.

Although the to-do list continues to be a staple of the busy professional, the way we view and use our to-do list is actually flawed and unproductive.


An experience many of us have when we reflect back on our day’s work is knowing we were busy but feeling like we didn’t accomplish much. A major reason for this is due to our focus, or lack thereof when we engage in each of our daily tasks and activities.

Just as a doctor would never think of treating an individual without following this three-step process, we as sales professionals should never try to sell to a prospect without going through these three steps as well.